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On The Edge (Comedy Jugglers)
Gentlemen Jugglers
Catch It Quick Jugglers
Clockwork Jugglers
Dale Jones One Hand Juggler
Mesmer (Hypnotic Show)
Steve Bayner (Master Hypnotist)
Ricky Kalmon
Robert Kennzington
Masters Of Magic
The Gross Brothers Illusions
Ken Karter (Ventriloquist)
Gator The Clown
Caricature Portraits
Living Doll
Calypso Compromise
Brazil Brazil
Hollywood Men (Adult)
Le Jazz Hot
Salsa Ballet
California Heat (Male Review)
An Hawaiian Experience
Belle Air Brass
The Lads (Irish)
Zydeco Party Band
Limpopo (Russian)
The Golden State Dixieland Ramblers
Big Band,Dixieland, Military Show, Dance Band
Nephew of Glenn Miller
Belle Air BrassChristmas Carolers
Casa CamargoMichael Griffin
Will RoyaAn Hawaiian Experience
The American AcrobatsBruce Sarafian
Mark BennickAlexander
Calypso CompromiseRicky Kalmon
Belle Air BrassGolden State Dixieland Ramblers
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