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Unbelievable Tributes!

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Catch A Wave (formerly The Beach Toys)

Paperback Writer (The Beatles)

Pleasant Valley Sunday (Monkees)

Backbeat (The Beatles)

Hotel California (Salute to The Eagles)

Hollywood Stones (Rolling Stones)

Peace Frog (THe Doors)

Joel Mason (Elton John)

Rocks (Aerosmith)

Zoso (Led Zeppelin)

Escape (Journey)

Sherrie Ray Parker (Janis Joplin) (Bette Midler)

Highway 61 (Bob Dylan)

Gisele (Tina Turner)

Randy Hanson (Jimmy Hendrix)

Barrie Cunningham (Neil Diamond) (Jimmy Buffett)

China Grove (Doobie Brothers)

Rat Pack Encore (Frank Sinatra)

Rumours (Fleetwood Mac)

Belladonna (Stevie Nicks)

Missing Links (The Monkees)

Michael Lee Clayton (Robin Williams)

Rusty Davis (Wayne Newton) 

Joni Morris (Patsy Cline)

Space Oddity

David Brighton's Tribute to David Bowie


A tribute to The Pretenders


Amazing tribute to AC/DC

"A Night at the Copa"

Russ Sadick's Tribute to Barry Manilow

Outstanding tribute! 

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